Gambling is enjoyed by many for leisure purposes; Sadly, some enjoy it because they are already addicted. It was said to have existed as far back as ancient times in Egypt and China. But have you ever wondered how gambling started and where it originated in the first place? Why people continuously play it? Although the exact period when people first learn to gamble is still unknown, there have been pairs of dice found in Egyptian tombs over 4000 years old.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the most important dates in the history of gambling from the ancient dice and card to where it is now, online.


2300 BC

The earliest concrete evidence of gambling in human history was found in ancient China where they discovered tiles which appeared to have been used in some lottery games. This was also mentioned in the Chinese “Book of Songs”.

800 AD

The very first playing card was discovered in China in the 9th century. Some say that the games they played in the ancient times are similar to what the children play today, wherein the cards are used in the games and can also be won or can be at stake. Other sources believe that the very first cards were made of paper just like in the Chinese domino


Baccarat which is a famous card game in casinos and is favored by high rolling gamblers was said to originate from Italy then in France. It had a lot of evolutions before it came to the game we know today. Although, the standard Baccarat game we know today is actually from Cuba which was then spread to the United States.


Blackjack was said to originate from Spain, other would say from France. A card game from France is said to be the forefather of the modern blackjack that we came to know today, although the name “blackjack” was actually coined by the Americans.




In the early 17th century, the very first gambling houses or what we know today as casinos started in Venice, Italy. It was the century wherein the casinos started to sprawl in the whole of Europe while at the same time in the United States, less formal gambling houses also started to appear in the Mississippi.


If you are familiar with the American Roulette Wheel, its forefather actually originated in Paris.


Some would say that Poker started in the 17th century in Persia, others would say that it came from a French game called Poque. Poker started to be recognized when it was played in a tournament in Vegas in the 1970s. But come the year 2000’s, it became very popular online which was even televised.


The year that started the virtual casinos online which is now a multi billion dollar industry.



Online gambling as we know is now being legalized in a lot of states and countries. Gamblers now can play their games not just on their laptops or desktops but it is also now made more accessible through mobile games in smartphones. Almost everyone you know owns a smartphone, right?