“I LOST EVERYTHING. My wife left me and I can’t see my kids. My 6-figure paying job is now non-existent. The house we built from the ground up is not ours anymore since I lost it to gambling. My debts are astounding and my mother who’s already 70 years old had to travel and get me because I have absolutely nothing. What I have are two garbage bags with used clothes and that’s it.”

Justyn Larcombe was thinking about all of that in July of 2013 when gambling took everything he held dear. This retired Army major was living “the life” in Derbyshire and it took him three years to finally realize how gambling was such a grave mistake.

It is truly a grave mistake if you lose almost £1M to online gambling.

All in all, Justyn lost £750,000 of his savings and his wife’s money. He thought that he had it all figured out and that he was “in control” of his “hobby”. Well, Justyn was so wrong – his online gambling of three years, mostly sports betting, made him a gambling addict. He once bet £17,000 on a tennis match and lost all that money in less than an hour. Justyn also gave away £5,000 for a football game, at one point.

Stories like these are very common. In fact, a lot of recovered gambling addicts have the same plot to tell – they all lost everything. Gambling can snatch everything away from you and that includes your family, friends, money, career, and dignity. But there is still hope, if you decide to stop the act and steer clear of all the gambling triggers.

Turning your life around after losing everything because of compulsive gambling is TRULY POSSIBLE!


It hit him hard. The life he built with his wife for several years was ruined because of his selfishness and cluelessness. Justyn understood that he had to stop his vice and turn his life around.

For Justyn, the moment he opened up about his gambling addiction and asked for help coping with it, his life turned to a new phase. A lot of people supported him to the point that Justyn became a media gambling awareness campaigner. In as short as 12 months, Justyn was able to pay his £70,000 debt due to gambling and he gained the forgiveness of his wife.

He also spearheaded an addiction recovery course at the Tonbridge Baptist Church and he welcomes people like him who have been enveloped by the evilness of addiction. It’s not just about gambling addiction awareness for Justyn. He also helped others who had problems with drug abuse, sex, smoking, drinking and other addictive acts.

It is never too late to bounce back from the effects brought about by your urge to gamble.

Not everyone is as successful as Justyn who patched up his life after 12 months. For others, it will take longer than that or it can also be shorter. It will depend upon your financial capacity and your eagerness to tread the slow and regular life to earn decent money or to amuse yourself. It is never too late and it can never be an unfixable problem.

Money issues can be resolved. It’s the human relationships and your love for self after throwing everything down the drain that’s difficult to mend.

In your road to recovery, try to forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Only then can you start with the asking of forgiveness from those you have hurt the most because of your addiction. Money can be earned and you can save it again. Properties are just there and you can buy another house. You won’t be able to function properly in life if you let this mistake haunt you. It is important to face this and move on, walking the right path – that is clean living and free from any type of gambling act.

Where can I find help for my gambling addiction problem?


If it is too much to bear, then, therapy is one of the best solutions to overcome your gambling addiction. Mental health professionals will assist and guide you on how to stay “sober” even if you feel like relapsing. You can also turn to online therapy services if you want help without having to see your therapist eye to eye.

Don’t give up on yourself. Even if it is hard, stay focused. You’ll get to that good life once again.