Gambling addiction is linked to mental health disorders. People who gamble often suffer from anxiety or depression, and they turn to gambling because it gives them the feeling of excitement and satisfaction.  People who have gambling addiction problems would usually need to go to casinos or some other establishments where they can gamble, but today, they can just turn on a device and connect to any online gambling sites.


Nowadays, technology had a breakthrough that everything is within our reach. Communication and other vital things in life like banking, researching, and shopping can be done through the use of a device and the internet. Supposedly, this is a good indication that we have reached a particular ingenuity and made things more accessible and the world somewhat smaller.


Advanced technology has dramatically changed the way we live. It has many advantages when it comes to making life more comfortable, but with all these benefits, it also has disadvantages. There is now what’s called online gambling. It is designed for gamblers to play online so whether they are not available physically, they would still be able to have access and play.




Risks of online gambling addiction:


If a person has a gambling addiction problem, he most likely has mental health disorder, and online gambling could worsen the condition. Access to the internet is easy nowadays. It’s hard to notice what a person is up to when in front of a computer. No one could tell what you are up to if you are already hooked into something, so chances are, no one can help you.


Social isolation is also a possibility in online gambling. An online gambling addict doesn’t need to interact with real live people or doesn’t have to be with his friends to play. All he needs is his device and access to online gambling sites. Social isolation is not ideal for anyone because we are designed to interact. It could result in a lower self-esteem, difficulty expressing oneself and difficulty comprehending.


Online gambling weakens the immune system as it requires a person to sit in front of a computer for an ample amount of time. This could promote obesity and fatigue. Our body needs regular exercise to be healthy, and online gambling addiction deprives it. Online gambling could also affect our eyesight and posture. If a person stays too long in front of the computer, he would likely be exposed to a lot of radiation and the eyes can be affected especially if without protection.




A person would also be prone to some urinary diseases like urinary tract infection which can be acquired from holding back the urine. Online gambling addiction can contribute to a significant number of medical conditions as it makes an individual sedentary, and this lifestyle is not suitable for our health.


There are quite some risks of online gambling addiction not just mentally but other aspects of life as well being physically and socially. Support from the family and other valuable people is vital in overcoming this kind of addiction, just like any other conditions.